Russia and China, two world powers who have a veto right in the UN, on Tuesday vetoed a Western-backed UN resolution, halting new sanctions from being imposed on the Syrian government over allegations of chemical weapons use.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons in the Western-imposed conflict that has so far killed at least 310,000 people since March 2011.

This is the seventh time that Russia has used its veto right to stop an anti-Syria resolution from being adopted at the UN.

UN resolutions will be adopted if they receive nine positive votes and no vetoes.

The new Security Council resolution, which was drafted by Britain, France and the U.S., received nine positive votes while three countries, being Russia, China and Bolivia, opposed it.

This comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin had said that he opposes any new sanctions against Syria as they would undermine peace talks that aim at ending the countries prolonged war.

“In terms of sanctions against the Syrian leadership, I think that now they are completely inappropriate,” Putin said at a press conference.

“This would not help the negotiation process but would only interfere or undermine confidence,” he further said.

He added that Russia will not support any new sanctions in relation to Syria.