Muhammad Ali's son was detained for two hours at a Florida airport, and claims that it is because he is Muslim.

Muhammad Ali Jr is considering suing after being held up at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport when he was returning from Jamaica on February 7.

He'd taken a trip with his mother, Khalilah Ali, Muhammad Ali's first wife, and was reportedly stopped by immigration officers. 

Ali's mother got through, but he was held in a small room and questioned for two hours, according to TMZ.  

Ali Jr's spokesman Chris Mancini told TMZ that the 44-year-old was asked twice if he's Muslim, and also where he got his name. 

His mother had no idea where he was the whole time. 

Ali Jr is considering suing the US Treasury and Homeland Security over the incident, and may file the lawsuit as a class action. Mancini believes it hints at a larger issue of profiling and discrimination. 

The incident occurred just four days after a federal judge halted President Trump's immigration ban.

The ban barred immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

US Customs and Border Protections did not comment to TMZ about individual travelers, but said that 'all international travelers arriving in the US are subject to CBP inspection'.