Thousands of New Yorkers gathered on Times Square on Sunday to march in solidarity with Muslims who have been subjected to a ban by new U.S. President Donald Trump.

Demonstrators gathered at one of the world’s most famous public places to condemn the threats and pressure aimed at Muslim communities.

Many of the demonstrators held placards that read “we the people are greater than fear”.

The rally, dubbed “Today I Am A Muslim Too,” was organized through social media. The protesters called the event “a day of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in reaction to the vicious attacks by (President Donald Trump).”

Trump has been very critical of Muslims and issued an executive order weeks ago that temporarily banned all refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. The ban, however, was halted by court.

Thousands of people, including actor Susan Sarandon and music mogul Russell Simmons, attended the rally.

Simmons addressed the crowd, telling them to focus on how Trump had unified the people in attendance.

We won't speak too harshly of him today. We want to thank him for bringing us together, he said.

“So we are here today to show middle America our beautiful signs and, through our beautiful actions and intention, that they have been misled -- that the seeds of hate that were small and maybe just ignorance cannot be watered, and that hate cannot grow because we are here to assist them in promoting love,” Simmons told the crowd.