Local sources in Eastern Syria disclosed that ISIL has executed a field commander of the terrorist group after his forces suffered heavy defeats in battle with Syrian Army troops in the Southern outskirts of the city.

The sources said the senior commander of terrorists in al-Maqaber (Deir Ezzur's cemetery) has been killed by the ISIL after the Syrian army could score more victories against militants in Southern outskirts of the city.

In the meantime, the army units attacked the gatherings and movements of ISIL near Qasan Aboud square inside Deir Ezzur city, destroying ammunition depots and a vehicle carrying heavy artillery.

ISIL also suffered major casualties in the attack.

Also, a number of ISIL militants were also killed after a multi-storey base of the terrorists was destroyed in the army's attack.

Reports said on Sunday that Syrian and Russian fighter jets carried out a joint preemptive attack and targeted the gatherings and movements of the ISIL terrorists in the Southern countryside of Deir Ezzur, preventing their move towards government forces' positions.

The warplanes pounded ISIL's positions in al-Makbat region Southwest of Panorama and foiled ISIL's attack on government forces' defense lines, killing most of the terrorists and destroying two military and two bomb-laden suicide vehicles.

In the meantime, Syrian Army troops targeted two groups of ISIL terrorists that had planned to use al-Huweiqa passage and nearby regions of the faculty of agriculture in al-Hosseiniyeh, killing and wounding most of militants.

The army units also hit hard ISIL's concentration centers in the regions of al-Shouleh and al-Mayadeen in Deir Ezzur, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying their bomb-laden vehicles.