A court in Bahrain has sentenced three citizens to 15-year prison terms over an alleged attack on police headquarters during an anti-regime demonstration in 2013.

According to Arabic-language Bahrain Mirror news website, the prison sentences were issued by Bahrain’s appeals court on Saturday.

The sentenced individuals were among 40 Bahrainis accused of having thrown Molotov cocktails at the police headquarters in Khamis area on October 10, 2013, the Mirror reported.

The news comes as the Bahraini regime has expanded its crackdown on protesters, nearly six years after a popular uprising in the kingdom break out against the ruling Al Khalifa family.

Local citizens of the village of Abu Saiba held a demonstration on Saturday to express their solidarity with Bahraini prisoners.

People also gathered outside the home of top Shia cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim in the village of Diraz, which has been under the Manama regime’s siege for six months.

Qassim, in June 2016, was stripped of his nationality due to accusations of serving foreign interests and promoting sectarianism and violence in the country. The top Shia cleric, however, has denied the allegations.

Since February 2011, Bahraini regime has been grappling with almost daily popular demonstrations against itself. The regime has received help from Saudi Arabia in order to suppress the protests.