A top emir of ISIS terrorist group who was very close to the chief of the group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed along with a number of his comrades in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province, Syria.

According to Fars news agency, Syrian airstrikes hit ISIS’s positions in Qasr al-Baraj region in the countryside of the town of al-Bab and damaged a base of the terrorists. The air raid killed at least 11 militants, including al-Muthana al-Hajj.

He was the emir of Jeish al-Khlifeh (the army of Caliph), which is considered as the Special Forces of the ISIS and is under direct command of its chief, Baghdadi.

Syrian armed forces have also raided several military positions of ISIS near Aleppo on Tuesday, killing several top Saudi terrorist commanders and destroying a number of vehicles.

In another attack, the Syrian warplanes and choppers targeted an ISIS military position near Maskanah, killing a number of ISIS suicide attackers.

Since nearly 6 years ago, Syria has been fighting terrorist groups which aim to overthrow the government. The militants fighting the Syrian government are supported by some western countries and their regional allies such as Saudi Arabia.

Washington confirms sending arms to Syrian opposition group. This is while most of the armed vehicles and ammunition end up at the hands of the terrorists.