Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) stationed in Tal Afar have managed to kill dozens of Islamic State terrorists as they attempted to break out into Syria’s bordering Hasakah province.

Since the outset of the Nineveh operations, the Iraqi Security Forces have managed to liberate eastern Mosul alongside dozens of nearby villages. On the other side of the Tigris river, the PMU took on the formidable task of enclosing Mosul and separating it from Syria.

Within a few weeks, the PMU forces managed to capture hundreds of villages between Qayyarah Airbase and Sinjar flanking the Daesh stronghold of Tal Afar from three directions. So far, all ISIS attempts to break through the imposed belt have failed miserably choking the terrorist group in a massive butcher house.

Notably, the Iraqi high command has just granted the PMU the permission to proceed with the Tal Afar operation following a long halt due to political reasons. The liberation of Tal Afar would be a massive blow to ISIS in Iraq, which now controls less then 10% of the country’s territory.