Iraqi forces have killed sixty ISIS terrorists during clashes in two Iraqi provinces.

Abdulamir Rashid Yarallah, the commander of the liberation operation for the city of Mosul, said that Iraqi airstrikes have killed 42 ISIS members in the villages of Kheybarat and A’alabyeh as well as in the al-Mahlabyeh district in Western Mosul, in Iraqi Nineveh Province.

The commander said the terrorists were waiting in ambush as Iraqi forces attacked them.

Also in eastern areas of Salahuddin Province, 18 takfiri terrorists were killed and 21 others were injured during fierce clashes with Iraqi forces.

US-led coalition’s airstrikes also targeted an ISIS camp in the town of Qa’em in western Anbar Province, killing 16 terrorists and destroying the camp.

Following operations to free the strategic Iraqi city of Mosul, life has been gradually returning to normal in the liberated parts of the war-torn city.

Under ISIS control since June 2014, Mosul has been the target of Iraqi military operations since the last year.

As areas in the city were liberated by the Iraqi army, almost 5,200 people have returned to their homes in the eastern parts of Mosul over the past two days, an Iraqi relief worker said on Friday.