The family of a brain dead firefighter who suffered severe burns by deadly fire during the collapse of a 17-story building in Iran’s capital donated his heart to save the life of another person.

Bahram Mirzakhani was among many other firefighters who bravely fought to keep the blaze under control. The fire, however, led to the collapse of Plasco building in Tehran and claimed the lives of at least 30 firefighters, leaving their colleagues weeping in the streets.

Born in the central city of Arak, The 25-year-old firefighter married nearly two months ago. Doctors declared him clinically brain-dead on Tuesday.

Accoridng to state TV, he wished to go to Syria to fight Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

Thursday’s disaster shocked Iranians as they watched firefighters openly weeping on the streets when the building collapsed.

After the incident, scores of people lined up to donate blood.

Authorities said they had repeatedly warned of the dangers that the building posed to the area.

Firefighters, soldiers and other emergency responders have been digging through the debris, looking for survivors.

Opened in 1962, the Plasco building was an iconic presence on Tehran’s skyline and was the tallest in the city at the time.

The fire was the worst in Tehran since 2005 when a historic mosque caught fire, killing 59 worshippers and injuring nearly 200 others.