The Syrian army has pushed back ISIS from the village of Soran, east of Aleppo, state media reported on Sunday.

The village of Soran is located 16km (10 miles) southwest of al-Bab, where Turkish-backed rebels are located. The rebels are supported by Turkish jets and armour.

Turkey has for a long time been one of the biggest sponsors of anti-Assad militants. However, its entry into Syria last summer was aimed at pushing ISIS back from its border and at stopping Kurdish groups linking two enclaves they control along the frontier.

This is while several conflicts are taking place in Syria at the same time and regional and global powers have been dragged in the conflict.

The main fight in Syrian conflict is between Syrian government, backed by Iran and Russia, against militants that include foreign-backed rebels, ISIS and others.

Western countries, especially the United States, and Persian Gulf monarchies are among top sponsors of militants fighting in Syria.

Russia and Turkey brokered a ceasefire and peace talks in Syria between the government and insurgents, after the rebels lost territory in Aleppo in December.

The Syrian peace talks are due to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan in the coming hours.