The IBF heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua was subjected to torrents of islamophobic abuse after he shared a photo of himself praying at a mosque in Dubai.

Many have also defended the boxer. Joshua’s representative has said that he will not be commenting on the abuse he has received.

Anthony Joshua, the IBF heavyweight champion, was training in Dubai when he decided to visit a mosque while sightseeing.

He had previously said that he does not follow any particular religion, but is interested in the concept of faith.

His Visit to Dubai

Joshua was training in Dubai in preparation for his “superfight” against Wladimir Klitschko in April at Wembley.

The 27-year-old, decided to share a photo of himself at the mosque on both his Twitter and Instagram account, with the caption: “Besides luck, hard work & talent… Prayer is a solid foundation. It was nice to join my brother as he led through afternoon prayer.”

The Islamophobic Comments

The photo instantly prompted an onslaught of anti-islamic comments.

Some people have even claimed they would now be supporting Klitschko in the fight and will be unfollowing Joshua on social media.

One person wrote: “Gutted, gone right off you. Islam is a disgrace. What are you doing, lost some fans today big man.”

One ex-fan, Sam Halpin, said: “@anthonyfjoshua @TRobinsonNewEra you have lost my support and I hope klitscho irons you out.”

Responses to the Islamophobia

Other fans wrote “Mashallah,” an Arabic phrase which expresses appreciation.

One other person said: “You people who are sending abusive messages to Anthony Joshua are a disgrace to society of 2017.”

One wrote: “Anthony Joshua is one of the finest role models and dedicated boxers in the sport of boxing. Religion doesn’t breed hate ignorance does.”

Joshua’s representative told The Independent that he will not be commenting on the abuse he was subjected to.