A former GrandKhadi of the Kwara Sharia Court of Appeal, retired Justice Salihu Olountoyin-Mohammed, on Friday, urged the people not to link Boko Haram insurgency with lslam. The Jurist made the clarification in llorin during an interview.

According to him, lslam as a religion that makes peace its cornerstone, adding that perpetrators of negative acts such as Boko Haram insurgents are not Muslims. Salihu-Olountoyin, however, advised Muslims to always allow peace, unity, love, and goodness to fellow human being their guiding principle, regardless of religious or tribe or other inclinations.

“The activities of Boko Haram insurgency are purely anti-Islam and unconstitutional, they are not part of lslamic law”, the ex-Grandkhadi said. He further advised Muslims to shun destructive tendencies, stating that no meaningful development could take place in an atmosphere of rancour, acrimony and hatred.

The Jurist, however, advised Nigerians to be conscious of their security by reporting negative activities or suspicious movement in their domains to security operatives. Salihu-Olountoyin called on residents in the rural communities not to harbour unknown persons in their areas as part of measures to curb insurgency in the country to the barest minimum.