Israeli forces on Tuesday raided the family house of Mohammed Subhi Ahmend Khamis Salhi, a 33 Palestinian man, firing 5 bullets at him and killing him in front of his elderly mother.

According to investigations by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) based on the mother’s testimony, the forces surrounded the house at approximately 02:00 in order to arrest him.

“A number of Israeli soldiers jumped from the outer wall of the 1-storey house. Mohammed and his mother then heard noise in the corridor and went out of their bedroom,” IMEMC reported.

His mother stood between the soldiers and her son as soon as she saw the soldiers.

Then an Israeli soldier ordered her to sit, and after she refused, the soldiers forcefully seated her.

According to her testimony, she then twice stood between the soldiers and her son, and after the third time, the soldiers pushed her and seated her on a chair.

A soldier then pulled out a gun with a silencer and fired 5 bullets directly at Mohammed which penetrated his neck, chest, hand, armpit, pelvis and thigh and killed him in front of his elderly mother.

Mohammed, a former political prisoner, had previously served a 3-year sentence in Israeli prisons.

Following the incident, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement, describing Mohammed’s murder as an Israeli state-sponsored terrorism.

The ministry also said, “The soldiers shot Salhi in front of his mother, and left him to bleed to death, without allowing anybody to render the urgently-needed medical attention to him.”