ISIS terrorist group has detonated two bridges in the city of Mosul as to halt the advances of Iraqi security forces to the western side of the city, Media officials of the ministry of defense announced on Tuesday.

According to Iraqi News, the officials said in a statement, “Today, ISIS detonated the 5th bridge and the iron bridge in the western side of Mosul.”

“ISIS detonated the bridges in order to hinder the advance of security forces to the western side of Mousl,” the statement noted.

Meanwhile, Iraqi forces continue their operation to liberate the entire areas located east of Mosul before crossing the Tigris.

They have reached areas in the east side of the Tigris River which divides Mosul in two halves.

Iraqi forces began on extensive operation to liberate the strategic city of Mosul from ISIS terrorists on October 16, 2016.

They have been backed by allied militias, Iraqi Peshmerga forces, and the international forces.

The battle is considered a very important milestone and could lead to a sharp decline in ISIS’ influence over the region.

ISIS has seized Mosul in June 2014.

According to sources, Iraqi forces outnumber ISIS forces 10 to 1, as they have their largest deployment since 2003 US invasion.