More than 150 of Saudi-led coalition forces have been killed or injured during their latest clash with Yemeni Army, local sources said on Thursday.

The news came after Yemeni Army’s missile units pounded Saudi-led coalition forces in the Southern province of Ta’iz.

According to the sources, the Yemeni army carried out the offensive on the Saudi-led forces in Sha’ab al-Jin near Bab al-Mandeb region, Fars news agency reported.

The sources further said that the attack also destroyed at least ten military vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition forces.

“Among the casualties were militants who were recently transferred to the port city of Aden, on a Turkish plane” they added.

This is while Saudi-led forces arrived in the strategic region just two days ago, in order to carry out a major military attack on the Yemeni forces.

The Yemeni sources said on Saturday that the Turkish plane has transferred “Al-Qaeda terrorists from Syria's Northern city of Aleppo to Aden and evacuated wounded pro-Saudi militias to medical treatment centers outside the country when returning to Turkey.”

"The Turkish airplane landed at Aden International Airport to transfer the pro-Saudi mercenaries wounded in the Yemeni forces' offensives in Ta'iz province for treatment in Turkish hospitals," the Arabic-language al-Ahd news website reported.