Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has blasted Saudi Arabia’s policies in the Middle East and said “Riyadh is the breeding ground for terrorism.”

In his latest visit to Tehran on Monday, Maliki stressed that Saudi Arabia has failed to achieve its goals in the region and is currently paying the price for its wrong policy of backing terrorists.

He further said that his visit to Tehran is aimed at expanding bilateral relations.

Maliki noted that Iran and Iraq have close, strategic ties.

The Iraqi vice president also praised Iran’s support for his country in fighting terrorist groups, saying Iran was the only country that came to the help of Iraq in the fight with ISIS takfiri militants.

“The Iraqi armed forces did not possess adequate weapons to fight the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group but Iran equipped them with much-needed military hardware,” he said.

Maliki emphasized Iran’s role in the region, especially its support for Iraqi military to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups.

“Several countries had declared their readiness to help Iraq in its war on terrorism but only Iran backed up its words with actions,” He said.

Maliki arrived in Tehran on Saturday to exchange views with senior Iranian officials on regional developments.