A FURIOUS row erupted at a Hull shopping centre after a man allegedly called a group of Muslim women “p***”, shocking footage has shown.

Video of the incident shows three women launching a fiery rant against the male over the alleged racial slur, which they said was made in front of their nine-year-old nephew. 

The clip, which was uploaded to social media site Youtube, shows the man attempting to shield his face from view after the females threatened to “name and shame” him for his behaviour. 

It starts with one of the women yelling: “What do you want to say?,” after the man, who they claimed was drunk, reportedly muttered the racial remark as he was walking past them.

Having worked themselves into a frenzy, the male tells the outraged women to “calm down” as he starts swearing before trying to take the phone filming the scenes away from the group. 

"Are you on crack? You can't even speak English properly,” they shouted. 

"You're not even educated, we're more educated than you."

Trying to calm the increasingly hostile situation a blonde woman, believed to be at the Hull shopping centre with the man, apologises to the upset group.

She told the women: "You two need to walk away and button it, just walk away, you're making it worse."

The incident is believed to have happened on December 28.

Uploading the footage to Youtube, one of the women wrote: "Me and my two sisters were walking with my nine-year-old nephew yesterday in Hull city centre at around 3.30pm when a drunken man gave us a dirty look and called us a f****** p***” in front of everyone!

"None of the bystanders did anything. This guy was pushing and coming at us to hit us!

"His wife apologised and tried to stop this."