Bashar al-Jaafari, the Syrian ambassador to the U.N revealed some sensitive information during his latest press conference.

After condoning the moves made by certain governments in light of the latest developments in Aleppo, al-Jaafari revealed that all this hysteria by France, Britain, and the United States, was in fact because foreign intelligence agents were trapped in Eastern Aleppo, and were discovered by Syrian intelligence.

The intelligence agents have been unsuccessfully to escape Eastern Aleppo with the terrorists, and are so far in Eastern Aleppo as al-Jaafari confirmed. He in fact went so far as to name each of these officers, and their nationalities:

“Many foreign officers, intelligence and military officers who are in the Eastern part of Aleppo with the terrorist groups are trying to exit their strongholds in the Eastern Part of Aleppo. I will say before you their names and their nationalities:

  • Mu’tazz Oglakan Oglu – Turkish
  • David Scott Winner – American
  • David Shlomo Aram – Israeli
  • Mohammad Sheikh al-Islam al-Tamini – Qatari
  • Mohammad Ahmad al-Sebyan – Saudi
  • Abd al-Mun’em Fahd al-Hreij – Saudi
  • Ahmad bin Naufal al-Dreij – Saudi
  • Mohammad Hassan al-Subai’i – Saudi
  • Qassem Saad al-Shemmari – Saudi
  • Ayman Qassem al-Tha’albi – Saudi
  • Amjad Qassem al-Tirawi – Jordanian
  • Mohammad al-Shafi’i al-Idrisi – Moroccan

These Syrian “moderate opposition” individuals who have foreign citizenship and nationalities are trying to escape the Eastern part of Aleppo with the terrorists. And this is why you saw this hysterical move in the council for the last three days; because the main purpose is how to rescue these terrorist foreigners, intelligence officers, from the same countries who pushed for the adoption of the resolution, out of Aleppo.”

You can watch the full video below: