Amnesty International has said that military actions against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority may account to crimes against humanity.

This is while the government has called a meeting of regional leaders to discuss the issue.

"The Myanmar military has targeted Rohingya civilians in a callous and systematic campaign of violence," said Rafendi Djamin, Southeast Asia director for the rights group, on Monday.

"The deplorable actions of the military could be part of a widespread and systematic attack on a civilian population and may amount to crimes against humanity."

The news comes as between 76 to 400 Rohingya civilians have been killed in a military crackdown since October 9 attacks on police stations that left nine officers dead.

Pro-Rohingya rights groups claim that about 400 Rohingya civilians have been killed in the military crackdown, and that women have been raped and Rohingya villages torched.

According to the United Nations, Rohinhya citizens are among the most persecuted groups worldwide.

Rakhine, which is located in Myanmar’s west, has been home to tensions between Rohingya and the country’s Buddhist majority population.

The last major outbreak erupted in 2012 and left hundreds dead and displaced more than 140,000 people.