Azerbaijani Defense Industry Minister Yavar Jamalov has announced that Azerbaijan will purchase Israeli “Iron Dome” air defense system.

“There is an agreement between Azerbaijan and Israel on the procurement of this system,” Jamalov told reporters on Saturday.

Jamalov noted that Azerbaijan needed the system.

He added that Azerbaijan started to export products, and that “We sell defense industry products to institutions of countries such as the US, Canada, African countries and South Korea.”

The short-range rocket intercept system, which was designed and manufactured in Israel, began operating in 2011.

The dome has been widely used in thwarting rockets fired by Palestinian resistance movements on Israel during the latest Operation Protective Edge on the Gaza Strip in July and August of 2014.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to Azerbaijan on December 13 to strengthen bilateral ties.

During Netanyahu’s visit, which was his first since 1997, the two sides singed four cooperation agreements, including one creating a joint economic commission that Netanyahu said would expand Azerbaijani energy exports to Israel.

The news comes as Israel aims to expand its relations with Middle Eastern countries.

The visit received outrage from Muslim nations.

Before the visit, a march was held in the Iranian city of Tabriz on Friday denouncing Netanyahu’s trip to Azerbaijan, and demanding that Baku cancel it.