At least seven people were killed when unidentified armed men attacked a police station and patrols in Jordan’s central province of Karak.

According to a security source who spoke on condition of animosity, the assault were carried out in the mountainous city of Karak, located 140 kilometers south of the capital Amman.

During the attack, the gunmen fired at security personnel in a shooting spree and killed at least seven people, including a Canadian woman.

Police have been able to free 10 people, including foreign tourists, but some people are still being held in the castle.

“Four of the deceased were policemen, two were Jordanian civilians and one was a Canadian tourist. Some 28 people, including policemen, also sustained injuries in the act of violence,” the General Security Directorate said in a statement.

Jordanian Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki said that a number of security personnel had been killed, adding that security forces were laying siege on the castle.

The Canadian government also confirmed that one of its nationals had been killed during the attack.

In another incident on November 7, three American soldiers were killed when gunmen fired at a car carrying the US soldiers at the entrance to al-Jafr military base near the southern Jordanian town of Mann. During the incident, a Jordanian officer was also injured.