Israeli authorities on Friday night handed over bodies of seven Palestinians who were killed by Israeli troops after keeping them in Israeli morgues for months, Ma’an news agency reported.

The bodies were released after a petition was filed by the relatives of five killed Palestinians who asked Israeli courts to order the Israeli government to release the bodies for burial.

Israeli regime agreed to hand over the bodies to their families only if they agreed to the Israeli army’s preconditions about their funeral.

This has become customary with the release of bodies of slain Palestinians.

In the meantime, three bodies still remain in Israeli custody for further study, over allegations of links with the Hamas movement, and that they performed deadly attacks on Israeli civilians.

The court has given the Israeli government until January 10 to decide whether or not they will hand over the bodies for burial.

The news comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to further push for the demolition of home belonging to Palestinian residents of Israel, as well as Palestinian citizens of East Jerusalem.

The move will be carried out in an attempt to appease the right for the expected evacuation of the illegal West Bank outpost of Amona.

Such moves tend to lead to more conflicts between Israeli settlers and Palestinians.