ISIS Militants Publicly Execute A Young Peshmerga Fighter [Photos]

According to Heavy, photos released by the ISIS terrorist channel shows the group publicly executing a group of young Peshmerga fighter in Wilayat Kirkuk, Iraq. The photos were released on December 15 and were captioned “Carrying out the Rule of Allah on a Spy for the Murtadd Peshmerga.”

Kirkuk, which is located 100 miles in the southeastern part of Mosul, was known to be a Kurdish city. There has been an ongoing mission to free Mosul from the Islamic State. A group consisting of the Iraqi Army, Christian militias, Turkish Nineveh Guard, Shia militia and the Kurdish Peshmerga are carrying out this mission. Official operations started around October. Some parts of Mosul have been freed from the terrorist group but a wide expanse of it is still being held by ISIS. Kirkuk is one of them.


Not much is known of the young Peshmerga fighters that were publicly executed by the ISIS militants. But the Peshmerga are known to be one of the groups opposing ISIS in the area and are made up of various religions such as Islam and Christians.

No exact date has been revealed when the fighter was executed. But it could have happened recently prior to the photos’ release.

Meanwhile, reports that five bases and five ISIS Militants were destroyed and killed by Peshmerga forces along with the US led coalition. No damages were suffered on the Peshmergas part.

Attacks have been increasing in the war in Mosul, which is in its ninth week. ISIS’ attacks are pushing the coalition further south to avoid their entry into Mosul and to keep them away from their areas.

Photos of the execution by ISIS are revealed by Heavy, which can be viewed in this link. The Morning Ledger advises caution to those who would like to view these images as the content is graphic.