US President-elect Donald Trump has chosen David Friedman, a right-wing lawyer famous for his strong support for Israel, as US ambassador to Israel.

Friedman has no political experience.

He is a supporter of Israel’s Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The settlements are considered illegal under international law.

According to the Israeli rights group B’Tselem, over 530,000 Israelis live in settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The US embassy is now located in Tel Aviv, but Friedman said he looked forward to working from “the US embassy in Israel's eternal capital, Jerusalem”.

The eastern part of Jerusalem has been occupied by Israeli forces in violation of international law since 1967.

This is while most European and Arab states reject Israel’s claim to sovereignty in the city and their embassies to Israel are located in Tel Aviv.

Trump has said that Friedman would maintain the special relationship between the two friendly countries.

“I can guarantee you, just generally, he's a man who is going to accomplish many things very quickly,” Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Thursday.

In the meantime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue settlement expansion.

During his campaign trail for reelection in 2015, Netanyahu promised to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state under his watch.