Top Egyptian cleric referred to the present situation in the world of Islam and appearance of Tafiri groups stressing that Islamic unity can protect save the holy religion against ISIL and Zionists’ plots.

Sheikh Taj-eddin Abdullah al-Helali, member of the supreme council of Egypt’s Dar al- Taqrib, attended the conference on “Imam Reza (AS), Key to Unity and Coalition of Islamic Nation” criticizing Zionists and anti-Islamic groups for struggles to uproot the holy religion demanding Muslim scholars to tactfully handle the intrigue.
He called Shia and Sunni clerics as brothers hailing the fraternal ties for providing the grounds for better worship of God saying,” Coexistence of Shia and Sunni has always been highlighted and all Islamic references include recommendations on that.”
The cleric also referred to holy Qur’an and Hadith books for its potentiality to distance Muslims from disagreements and intriguing plots.
Sheikh al-Helali called Imam Ali (AS) as the best substitute for Muslims after Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) demanding Muslim scholars to note deviations and betrayals in an attempt to take measures in line with boosting Islamic unity.
Member of Dar al-Taqrib noted that following imams (household of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)), Islamic scholars can lead Muslims away from deviations.
International conference on the eighth Shia Imam, Imam Reza (AS), as key to Islamic unity was held in the Iranian northeastern city of Mashhad participated by Shia and Sunni religious scholars and prominent thinkers from Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Tunisia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.