The United States has canceled the transfer of some arms to Saudi Arabia, following worldwide outrage over civilian deaths and destruction inflicted by the Kingdom’s military upon Yemen.

“We have made clear that US security cooperation is not a blank check,” according to an unnamed senior administration official.

"Consequently, we have decided to not move forward with some foreign military sales (FMS) cases for munitions," the source told AFP, adding, “This reflects our continued, strong concerns with the flaws in the coalition's targeting practices and overall prosecution of the air campaign in Yemen.”

Yemen has been under Saudi Arabia’s aggression since March 2015. Riyadh’s attacks have killed at least 11,400 people since the beginning of the conflict.

The Saudi-led aggression was launched to undermine the Ansarullah movement and reinstate Yemen’s former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is close the Saudis.

Earlier this week, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund warned against the highest ever recorded rates of malnutrition in Yemen, from which Yemeni kids are suffering.

UNICEF described the situation in Yemen as catastrophic amid scarcity of food supplies due to Saudi Arabia’s devastating military campaign against its southern neighbor.

In its fight against Yemen, Saudi Arabia has been provided with logistic and surveillance support by the U.S. government.

The current U.S. administration offered Riyadh $115 billion in arms sales back in September.