The conflict in Eastern Aleppo has stopped as the Syrian government regained control over the territory after militants withdrew from the city, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin said on Tuesday.

“The latest information that we have received during the past hour or so is that military operations in Eastern Aleppo have concluded,” Churkin said.

He went on to say: “So, there is no issue of any ceasefire or special humanitarian operations. The Syrian government has regained control of the Eastern Aleppo, so the stage of practical humanitarian actions begins.”

The Russian envoy also said that the latest information is that they have an arrangement achieved on the ground that the fighters are going to leave the city.

The militants, who have gained control of Eastern Aleppo years ago, will leave the city within hours, he said, adding that “the withdrawal of militants will put the city under the control of the Syrian government and there will be no need for Eastern Aleppo residents to leave their homes.”

Churkin told the UN Security Council members that the anti-terrorist operations will conclude in the next few hours in Aleppo.

“The counter-terrorism operation in Aleppo will be completed within a few hours. All the militants along with their families and the wounded are now withdrawing through the agreed corridors in the directions they themselves have chosen, including in the direction of Idlib,” he said.