NPR reporter Asma Khalid said on Friday that covering the U.S. presidential campaign as a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf was an experience that left her in tears at times.

Khalid shared his experience about the abuse she encountered during the presidential campaign trail, in which she was singled out at times during rallies.

She also said that she received tweets calling her a “raghead, terrorist bitch and jihadi.”

At one point, she told her editor that she wished she had not signed up for the job, she told CNN’s Carol Costello.

“I just remember crying,” she said.

“I think that I saw things in this election cycle about who we are as Americans that really saddened me. Things that were said to me I had never heard before,” Khalid added.

She remembers one particularly disturbing incident in which “a woman opened the door, she was engaging with the canvasser answering her questions but at some point her mother saw me, she opened the front door, came out on to the porch and started yelling and said, 'You need to get off my property.' She looked squarely at me and said, 'She needs to get off my property',” she said.

“A lot of times what people see, maybe on first impressions, is the scarf,” Khalid said.

“The other side that people don't see is that I'm a Hoosier,” she added.