Indonesian government has arrested four people on suspicion of plotting a major bomb attack in the capital, Jakarta.

The four suspects, according to police, were planning an attack on Sunday on a vital location in central Jakarta.

The police said on Saturday that bomb disposal teams managed to safely detonate a bomb on the outskirts of Jakarta.

Three-kilogram bomb was discovered which was encased in a pressure cooker in a boarding house in Bekasi, where a female suspect was staying.

In a separate location in Jakarta, two others were arrested while the fourth arrest was made in central Java island, who was presumably the bomb maker.

According to officials, all of the four suspects were strongly believed to be linked to an Indonesian militant currently in Syria, working with ISIS terrorist group.

The man, who is identified as Bahrun Naim, has allegedly carried out a deadly terrorist attack in Jakarta in January.

Targeting a Starbucks café, the attacked claimed led to the death of four people. A branch of ISIS in Southeast Asia claimed responsibility for the attack. The terrorist attack was the first of its kind.

The arrests were made as the latest of a series of similar security operations in the country.

Indonesia has suffered numbers of terrorist attacks in the 2000s, and has struggled to prevent a resurgence of militancy of those years.

Hundreds of Indonesians have allegedly joined ISIS over the past few years.