Iran has voiced willingness to mediate in the Kashmir issue if India and Pakistan want to.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that the Islamic Republic is willing to mediate in the Kashmir conflict if both India and Pakistan want to.

Zarif expressed optimism to have that better relations for both countries.

Pointing out that Iran has excellent relations with both the countries, Iran’s Zarif said his country does not seek to lose the existing ties.

“We cannot lose that. That bond is too important, both with India and Pakistan. We hope for the best of both countries. If Iran can be of any help, we stand ready, we are not volunteering, we stand ready,” the Iranian foreign minister said in response to a question on whether Iran can play a mediator role in the Kashmir issue.

He also said that the three states share common views about the future democratic international system.

“We hope we move forward to a better relations between our very dear friends India and Pakistan,” he added.

Relations between India and Pakistan have deteriorated in recent months, as New Delhi blames Islamabad for an attack on an army base in Indian-controlled Kashmir in September, a raid which killed 19 soldiers.

The Indian army blamed Pakistan-based militants for the aggression.

Islamabad, however, denies any links to the deadly incident.