A Muslim-owned Turkish restaurant is offering meals to the homeless and elderly on Christmas Day.

The restaurant, Shish, is in the outskirt of London.

The gesture came following an encounter with a woman who needed help closing her window.

Last month, an elderly woman living in the neighborhood came in to the restaurant and asked if anyone could help her pull down a window.

The staff helped the woman and the next day, the woman returned to thank them. She told them how she’d be alone for Christmas. That’s how the management team came up with the plan.

“No one eats alone on a Christmas Day! We are here to sit with you. 3 course meal for the homeless from 12-6pm. Any homeless or elderly are welcomed,” the team advertised on the restaurant’s front window.

The hand-written note went viral and now has been shared more than 1,000 times on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Twenty-five residents of the neighborhood were inspired to volunteer their time helping out that day.

A group of taxi drivers also said they will shuttle the homeless and elderly to and from the restaurant for free.

One of the managers of the restaurant, Irfan Can Genc, said that he hopes the store will inspire other restaurants to “grab hold of the holiday spirit of giving”.