Iraqi armed force warriors have retaken control of al-Salam Hospital located on the left bank of Tigris River as a major aspect of their operation to free the key city of Mosul from the grasp of the ISIS terrorist group.

According to Major General Walid al-Khalifah, the deputy of the armed force's ninth Division, the Iraqi national flag was raised over the hospital building on Tuesday.

He additionally declared the recapture of another Mosul medical center, called al-Talimi Hospital, by the Iraqi army.

In the meantime, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, the commander of Nineveh Liberation Operation, affirmed the al-Salam Hospital recapture.

He emphasized that the troops from the ninth Division "continued clearing" the al-Salam neighborhood of ISIS fighters.

The city of Mosul is split by the Tigris River, as the eastern portion of the city is called “the left bank.”

The Iraqi city which is located in the northern region of the war-torn country, fell to ISIS control nearly two years ago, when the terrorist group launched its campaign of death and destruction in Iraq.

The Iraqi forces and allied fighters, since October 17, have been fighting under an operation to retake the strategic city of Mosul.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has promised to eliminate the terrorist group by the end of 2016.