ISIS terrorists have been planting homemade bombs in Islamic holy books as they flee the advancing coalition forces.

The sick jihadis scattered the booby-trapped Korans around the streets of Iraqi village Kan'ous near Mosul as they were forced to retreat.

According to an Iraqi military source, the thugs had cut bomb shaped holes in the books' pages to hide the homemade explosive devices.

Iraqi soldiers discovered the "deadly" Korans after Kan'ous was liberated on November 28.


This is not the first time the sick jihadis have booby-trapped the Koran.

US-led coalition forces discovered similarly concealed-bombs during the liberation of Ramadi, near Fallujah, in Iraq.

The murderous regime also targeted children with homemade bombs hidden in teddy bears and dolls.

ISIS has reportedly kidnapped hundreds of civilians to use as human shields in the defence of Mosul.


A US Pentagon chief has revealed the Mosul could be liberated by the time Donald Trump becomes president on January 20, 2017.

When asked if the ISIS stronghold would be recaptured by then, US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said: “That is certainly possible and again it is going to be a tough fight.”