Hussein's father and four elder brothers were serving in the Iraqi Army before they were killed. He had to collect rubbish to feed family

A young man fleeing ISIS controlled Mosul has spoken of his harrowing ordeal, being tortured by the terrorist fighters and watching his uncle and cousin shot dead in front of him.

Hussein is just 20 years old and the last surviving man in his family.

His father and four older brothers joined the Iraqi Army were all killed when ISIS took control of the city, and their bodies were dumped unceremoniously in a mass grave.

Hussein, a promising student, didn't get a chance to say goodbye to his dad or brothers but was taken by the fighters with his uncle and cousin.

He said: "They imprisoned me for three days, tying my legs to a bed and entangling my feet with strings.

"An IS soldier pointed his rifle at my cousin, requiring him to kneel down.

"My cousin did what he was told to do.

"The IS soldier passed his rifle to another young man, who shot two bullets through the chest of my cousin, but he was still alive. What could he do then?

"My uncle tried to drag him to somewhere else, but he was shot in his head and died immediately."

After the men in his family were killed, Hussein started collecting garbage, along with his mother and young brother, to feed the broken family.

He even begged the militants for food. However, since he refused to join IS, he suffered inhuman tortures.

He spoke to China Central Television from the Al-Khazar refugee camp near Erbil in northern Iraq.

Before IS occupied the city of Mosul in 2014, Hussein had been a promising college student, but was forced to stop his studies.

Malnutrition is his main battle now as well as his haunting memories.

He added: "The extremists left severe mental disorder on me. I'm asked everyone I met for my dad and my brothers’ whereabouts.

"I can't believe that they are dead.

"But I have to start a new life. I have to complete my studies."