ISIS has stolen human organs from its members in order to transfer the organs to international gangs through Syria.

The members of the terrorist group whose organs were stolen lay in Nineveh hospitals, Alsumaria News reported.

“A medical unit belonging to the ISIS stole human organs, including kidneys and other organs, from 85 militants in Nineveh hospitals, and transferred them to other hospital in the outskirt of the city,” Alsumaria News said in a statement.

“The group lost the majority of its funds, especially crude oil that provided 80% of the total income of the terrorist group, so it started to trade in human organs to revive its finances,” Alsumaria explained.

“Dozens of human organs were stolen from civilians and bodies that were transferred to the forensic medicine department, and then transferred through mediators to Syria then to human organs traders,” Alsumaria added.

According to reports, the terrorist group has been stealing human organs for more than a year.

Back in December, the Iraqi ambassador to the UN, Mohamed Alhakim, urged the United Nations Security Council to investigate the deaths of 12 doctors in Mosul, Iraq. He said they were killed after refusing to remove organs from bodies.

"Some of the bodies we found are mutilated ... that means some parts are missing," CNN quoted him as saying.

"This is clearly something bigger than we think," Alhakim said.