Israeli forces raided the campus of al-Quds University located in Jerusalem and sabotaged a student book fair.

The Palestinian ministry of education issued a statement, saying that scores of heavily armed Israeli soldiers stormed the university campus on Saturday and damaged a book fair which was held by students to help fellow students in need.

"All books, magazines, and stationery which are being sold to needy students at low prices have been either stolen or damaged [by Israeli forces]," said the ministry.

According to the statement, Israeli forces left the campus within three hours after sabotaging several buildings, including the main administration building.

Israeli forces had also raided the Palestine Technical University in the northern occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem on Thursday, said the ministry.

The statement went on, “In an obvious burglary that lasted more than an hour, Israeli soldiers stole electronic material and archival database off the university's security cameras.”

On Sunday, the Palestinian foreign ministry called out to international bodies, especially the UNESCO, to protect Palestinian educational institutions against Israeli raids.

In another incident, Israeli soldiers invaded the town of al-Yamoun on Monday, and abducted a young Palestinian man.

Media sources said the troops searched a number of homes in Jenin and abducted Mohammad Mahmoud Sammar and took him to an unknown location.