The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned the Israeli regime about its recent ban on the use of speakers for Muslim calls to prayer, emphasizing that such move is equal to “playing with fire.”

In an interview with Turkey’s official news agency Anadolu on Sunday, Khaled Meshaal, the political bureau chief of Hamas, said the controversial decision “has drawn a strong reaction from the Palestinian people and Muslims worldwide.”

He noted that Israel has decided to reverse the bill, fearing it would serve as an excuse to stop Jewish rituals in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.

Meshaal stressed that Palestinian people showed that muffling Muslim calls to prayer is their red line.

He further warned that there would be no stability in the region unless Israel withdraws from Palestinian lands and Palestinian rights are recognized.

The Hamas leader also urged the US President-elect Donald Trump to change the country’s policy towards Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Since the bill was proposed many Palestinian leaders were outraged. They argued that the bill is not about noise, but it is aimed at silencing mosques.

“This bill is the ugly product of Islamophobia that has come to dominate Israel,” Thabet Abu Ras of the Abraham Fund said.

“The issue is not about noise in their ears but about the noise in their minds. What disturbs them so much is the noise of the Palestinians' presence in their own homeland,” said Haneen Zoabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament).