The fighter was reportedly getting child and housing benefit cash payments even as he starred in ISIS propaganda videos with his kid

An ISIS fighter was reportedly paid more than £53,000 in state handouts from the Swedish government despite fleeing the country for Syria.

Authorities are accused of paying cash to Michael Skråmo for eight months after he moved to Raqqa with his wife and four small children.

Now calling himself Abdul Samad al Swedi, he even appeared in propaganda videos, posing alongside Kalashnikov assault rifles with his kids.

Sweden’s welfare agency, Försäkringskassan, were making payments for eight months after he swore allegiance to the terrorist group, reported the Daily Express.

A letter sent to Skråmo’s Gotenburg address 12 months after they left read that “payments of child and housing benefits” had now ended.

It is claimed the family had been living off handouts of £627 (5,814 Kroner) a month.

A terrorism researcher said he had been a “one of the most well-known ISIS sympathisers for some time”

Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism researcher at Sweden’s National Defence University, said: “It exposes how weak the system seems to be in its control mechanisms.

“Michael Skråmo has been one of the most well-known IS sympathisers for quite some time.”

Skråmo reportedly owes his landlord £6,671 (61,842 Kroner) in unpaid rent.

It emerged he was being paid hundreds of pounds each month by Swedish authorities after fleeing the country

The Swedish city of Lund recently sparked outrage when it declared it would offer a programme of rehabilitation for ISIS fighters.

Officials planned to offer ex-fighter housing, employment education and financial support.