A police officer has been shot dead in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, in the latest incident of such kind in the oil-rich province as well as other areas across the country.

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced that the shooting took place in a neighborhood located northwest of the provincial capital of Dammam on Saturday, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

The ministry added that the officer was hit by gunfire from an unknown sources, as he left his car in the neighborhood.

“He was part of a unit assigned with guarding public installations,” the ministry noted.

Investigations are underway in Saudi Arabia to determine to cause of the incident, it said.

Also back in October, unidentified gunmen shot dead two security officers in Dammam as the officers were returning from work.

A similar attack was carried out in which two other policemen were killed in the city a month earlier.

A string of deadly shootings and bombings have been carried out in Saudi Arabia, targeting security forces or the country’s Shia minority over the past year.

Some of the incidents have been attributed to ISIS terrorist group as well as al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

Saudi Arabia has been supporting extremist groups to wage wars in different countries such as Syria and Iraq.