Israeli army shot and killed a young Palestinian man in the central part of the besieged Gaza Strip as it opened fire on a group of protesters who took to the streets to demonstrate against the Israeli regime’s recent ban on the use of speakers for Muslim call to prayer.

Scores of Palestinians gathered on Friday at east of Bureij refugee camp to protest against the controversial and so-called Muezzin Bill.

Clashes broke out after Israeli troops intervened, and fired gunshots to disperse the crowd.

“A 26-year-man, identified as Mohammad Saeed Abu Sa’ada, was fatally struck in the chest,” said Ashraf al-Qudra, Gaza’s Health Ministry spokesman.

At least two demonstrators were wounded during the clashes.

Another Palestinian man was injured during a separate rally near Nahal Oz border crossing, northeast of Gaza City.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a cabinet meeting on Sunday that he would support the bill, adding that prayers calls make “excessive noise”.

Palestinian leaders underlined that the bill is not about noise, but intended to silence mosques.

“This bill is the ugly product of Islamophobia that has come to dominate Israel,” Thabet Abu Ras of the Abraham Fund said.

“The issue is not about noise in their ears but about the noise in their minds. What disturbs them so much is the noise of the Palestinians' presence in their own homeland,” said Haneen Zoabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament).