Political analyst Noam Chomsky says the election campaign of Donald Trump has unleashed forces that could lead the U.S. towards “friendly fascism.”

He made the remarks during an interview with Truthout on Monday, almost a week after Republican presidential nominee defeated Hillary Clinton in an upset.

“For many years, I have been writing and speaking about the danger of the rise of an honest and charismatic ideologue in the United States, someone who could exploit the fear and anger that has long been boiling in much of the society, and who could direct it away from the actual agents of malaise to vulnerable targets. That could indeed lead to what sociologist Bertram Gross called ‘friendly fascism’ in a perceptive study 35 years ago,” Chomsky said.

He went on: “But that requires an honest ideologue, a Hitler type, not someone whose only detectable ideology is Me. The dangers, however, have been real for many years, perhaps even more so in the light of the forces that Trump has unleashed.”

Chomsky further said that as a result of the November 8 election, Republican Party now have total control of the government — executive, Congress, the Supreme Court.

He also called the Republican Party “the most dangerous organization in the world history.”

“Republicans have moved so far toward a dedication to the wealthy and the corporate sector that they cannot hope to get votes on their actual programs,” the analyst said.

He added, “So they have mobilized sectors of the population that have always been there, but not as an organized coalitional political force: evangelicals, nativists, racists and the victims of the forms of globalization designed to set working people around the world in competition with one another while protecting the privileged.”