Saudi Arabia is poised to purchase 5 Warships from Spain, amidst international condemnation against supplying arms for the regime that commits massacres on a daily basis.

It appears that Saudi Arabia is leaning towards the purchase of 5 warships from Spain during the visit of Spanish monarch “Felipe VI” who traveled to Saudi expressly for this intent.

It appears that the deal will cost close to $3.3 Billion, and it’s expected that the signing will take place during the Spanish King’s stay in Riyadh, according to “Spanish News Today,” and that the ships are intended for the Kingdom’s Eastern Fleet.

It’s noteworthy that this visit has been accompanied with worldwide condemnation, especially by human rights organizations objecting weapons sales for Saudi Arabia, pointing out that these weapons are being used to commit massacres against innocent Yemenis, much alike the one Saudi committed on October 6th against people partaking in a ceremony mourning the dead in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, which led to the death of more than 140 civilians, and the injury of more than 500 others.

Amnesty International has also condemned the prospected sale, calling on King Felipe VI to prevent it. Esteban Beltran, AI’s director for Spain, said in a video he posted on Twitter on Friday that the Saudis “are bombing hospitals, public schools, health centers, among other infrastructure full of people.” He also called on the king to push for the stop of Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen.

According to a report published by “The Guardian”, the deals made between the US and Saudi Arabia amount to $115 Billion in Obama’s 8 years alone, more so than any other administration. The Guardian also reveals in its report that Saudi Arabia’s latest $1.15 Billion deal with the US was meant to revive Saudi’s arsenal which was depleted during the war on Yemen.