Tubby terrorist from Luton subjected to a bizarre catalogue of injuries before finally meeting a grisly end following strike by US forces

A BRITISH ‘calamity’ ISIS force got shot in the ear, blown up learning to build bombs then killed in a drone strike, it has been revealed.

Tubby terrorist Abu Rahim Aziz, 32, from Luton, but christened Aby Abdillah Al-Britani by doomed Isis, was killed last July in a surgical strike by US forces.

Isis hate rag Rumiyah last week published a bizarre obituary detailing how the idiot extremist got injured twice before capping his career by getting annihilated.

The article reads: “Shortly after Ramadan, he was injured, having been shot in the ear during a battle, as a result of which he lost his hearing in one ear.”

Undeterred the bearded buffoon decided to become a bomb maker – with disastrous consequences – after a “work related explosion.”

The obituary says: “On the first day of working in tasni (explosives manufacturing), there was a work-related explosion at his site.

“Abu ‘Abdillah sustained severe burns to his face, neck, chest and hands, despite his still being in the recovery process from his previous wound.”
Aziz, who allegedly was an acolyte of radical preacher Anjem Choudary, was forced to stay in a burns unit for two months after all his, “fingernails melted off.”

Undeterred by his endless hard luck, the article revealed twisted Aziz, who planned to carry out a suicide mission, “maintained a strong yearning to return to the battlefield.”

And a year later he had recovered enough to return to fight the “Crusader coalition”, the article claims.

But his unlucky streak continued in the terror state’s de facto capital in the Syrian city of Raqqa last Summer.

Despite his murderous plans sadly, “Allah had something else destined for him.”

Instead of carrying out a suicide mission, the “socially, lively, friendly, gentle” killer was annihilated by a remote control plane.

The article confirms: “Whilst in Raqqa he was killed by a US drone strike.”

Aziz had skipped bail to join Isis after he was sentenced to 36-weeks in jail for stabbing a football fan in the eye with a pen.

The former credit control operator had spent months posting pictures of himself holding various types of gun.

He also posed for a picture, arm in arm with Mirza Tariq Ali, 38, a former NHS surgeon who fled the UK in 2013, also to escape bail.

Aziz also used social media to incite Takfiri extremist still living in the West to violence.

He once wrote: “Muslims within their own countries, wonder who will strike first? Could it be UK first to be attacked?

“They’ve attacked us with jets killing scores, plus they have many Muslims in prison as war on Islam.”

At one point it was feared as many as 700 Britons had joined Isis.

The latest edition of Rumiyah also carries warped guidance on how to use a vehicle to kill innocents attending festivals and parades.