Al-Mayadeen TV has published photos of a missile manufacturing facility belonging to ISIS in eastern Mosul. These photos show that the facility, which was discovered by Nineveh provincial police, was actually an apartment in one of the residential areas of Mosul’s al-Samah area. The photos also show some memos addressed to those in the apartment from their leadership, branded with the seal of the terrorist movement’s “quality control” office.


These many workhouses are often discovered in territories previously held by ISIS when it captured provinces in western Iraq in 2014, and now liberated by the Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization Forces.


As Iraqi government forces have recently launched a campaign to retake Mosul, several main facilities play an important role in supplying ISIS.

"The hour has come and the moment of great victory is near," Haider al-Abadi, Iraq's prime minister, said early on Monday in a speech broadcast on state TV, surrounded by the armed forces' top commanders.


Popular Mobilization forces have also began an advance on the town of Tal Afar, which commands the city's western approaches, with the goal of cutting the Takfiri terrorists off from territory they control in neighboring Syria.