One of the residents of Nineveh province in northern Iraq announced that ISIS militants executed some civilians allegedly cooperating with Iraqi forces.

According to Arabic Alsumaria News television network, ISIS forces executed 30 alleged spies near Mosul using electric chair.

The unnamed source added, “ISIS has executed them because of spying and revealing some secret information to government forces. They also captured the execution scene on camera.

According to the source, ISIS had jailed them in a prison near eastern Mosul.

Iraqi News reported that Iraqi Special Forces have gained control of large parts of the Intisar district while the ISIS militants have deployed children - known as the "Cubs of the Caliphate" - in Mosul to give the appearance of control, local officials said.

Iraqi forces focused on searching and clearing areas liberated from ISIS on the 23rd day of the offensive to liberate Mosul, the Iraqi Media War Office said in their daily summary statement. 

They keep searching and cleaning areas liberated from ISIS in the 23rd day of Mosul battle, as the Iraqi Media War Office said.