Israeli prosecutors have called for two Palestinian children to be sentenced to two years in a juvenile institutional facility for knife possession and attempted murder.

According to the children’s lawyers Muhammad Mahmoud and Lia Tseimel, they reached an agreement with the Israeli prosecution regarding the sentence for Shadi Anwar Farrah, and Ahmad Raed Zaatari, who are only 13 years old.

The lawyers said that the duration of their detention would be confirmed by the court on November 29, marking the first day of their sentence.

The time both boys had spent in juvenile detention facilities during their trial would not count as part of the sentence.

The boys were detained in December 2015 in the city of Jerusalem and were charged in January with knife possession and attempted murder. The details of the accusations against Farrah and Zaatari is still unclear.

“The court had eleased her son and Zaatari after holding them in a juvenile detention center for 10 months on the condition that their case be transferred to social affairs,” Farrah’s mother was quoted by Ma’an as saying.

She further said that while the children and their families were allowed by the court to visit each other, Farrah had never been let out to visit them.

According to reports of prisoners’ rights group Addameer, a total of 340 Palestinian minors were being imprisoned by Israel as of August.