Israeli residents of the colony of Shavei Shormron, west of Nablus, have stolen the harvests of olive farms that are privately owned by the Palestinian villagers of Deir Sharaf.

Villagers have vowed to sue the Israeli occupation forces as well as the Israeli colonists for the theft.

The harvest is the main source of income of the Palestinian farmers as they wait a whole year to harvest their olive farms.

“Hundreds and even thousands of olive trees on Palestinian farms have been harvested by the Israeli colonists who were given permission to harvest the olive trees over the past weekend,” said the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) official, Ghassan Doghlous, who oversees the Israeli colonial activities in the northern areas of the West Bank.

He noted that “the Palestinian farmers and their families have been granted permits via the Palestinian-Israel Civil Affairs Liaison Office to harvest their olive trees, which are located beside the Israeli colony of Shavei Shomron.”

Doghlous went on to say that despite those permits, the Israeli occupation forces prevented the families from approaching “their own lands” to collect “their own olive harvest”.

He added that the Israeli occupation forces did not let the Palestinian farmers to access their farms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while telling them to return later.

“Dozens of Palestinian families were shocked to find that their olive trees had been harvested, and immediately accused the residents of the nearby colony of stealing their produce. They vowed to report the crime to the Israeli authorities, and to ensure that the thieves are prosecuted,” he maintained.