The ISIS terrorist group has been revealing the identities nad nationalities of its suicide bombers in a bid to boost the spirits and morales of its members, according to Alsumaria News.

The terrorist group has revealed the identities of 20 suicide bombers who carried out terrorist attacks against security forces in Mosul over the past couple of days.

“ISIS media outlets intensified its activities over the past hours inside Mosul, especially at districts located on the eastern coast that witness the group’s greatest presence,” Alsumaria reported.

The news agency went on to say, “ISIS media spelt out the identities of 20 suiciders who carried out booby-trapped vehicles and explosive belt attacks on several security locations over the past 72 hours.”

“Those included an Emirati national for the first time, nicknamed Abu Khattab. Through declaring the identities of their suiciders, ISIS are seeking to raise the devastated morales of their fighters caused by the flagrant losses they had sustained in several cities and villages,” Alsumaria explained.

This is while Iraqi forces backed by Peshmerga forces have launched an operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS.

The liberation campaign has been largely successful so far as the terrorist group has been reportedly losing a lot of its ground as well as members.