In an interview with the Sunday Times, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the Syrian conflict can be described as something between the Cold War and Third World War.

“We call it a world war, but it’s a world war against Syria, tens of countries against us, sending those terrorists money and logistics, whereas our army is only Syrian, so we struggled,” Assad said.

He added that Syria is struggling and has little international support.

The Syrian president also pointed out that he sees no solution in sight for the Syrian conflict, because “the other side has powerful allies, and they are interfering in the situation in Syria.”

“If you ask me what the topics would be for a political solution, I don’t know. No one has proposed anything,” Assad told the Sunday Times.

He also lauded Russia for its military support and described it as “essential”.

“For decades, Russia has proven to be a loyal and trustworthy ally to Syria that doesn’t put pressure on the country,” Assad said, adding that Syria makes its own decisions and is independent.

The Syrian president continued, “The Russian military has been in Syria for six decades. Their policy rests on two things — morals and international law. Even if they have a point of view, they say: ‘This is your country, you know more.’ They never try to interfere because they don’t want anything from us. They don’t ask us to be a puppet president.”