Žižek has said that a Hillary Clinton presidency is a greater danger to the nation than a Donald Trump presidency.

Slovenian-born philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek has explained that while he is horrified by Donald Trump, he thinks a Trump presidency could result in a big awakening that count launch the formation of new political processes.

He said he sees Hillary Clinton as "the true danger" because of her insincerity, her ties to the Wall Street banks, and her dedication to the absolute inertia of our established political system.

He was asked by UK's Channel 4 which presidential candidate he would vote for if he were American. "Trump," he quickly replied.

“I’m horrified at him, but I’m just left thinking Hillary is the true danger. Why? She built an impossible, all-inclusive coalition. Look, the one point when I fully agreed with Trump was, you remember, when Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary? … Trump said it’s like somebody from Occupy Wall Street endorsing Lehman Brothers,” Žižek said.

He further said that Trump has managed to disturb the established political system and explained that a Trump presidency could set into motion "new political processes".

Green Party candidate Jill Stein has also attacked Hillary Clinton for being a "corporatist hawk" who is "hostile" to the desires of progressives, adding that "the role of corporate Democrats like Clinton is to prevent progressives from defying corporate rule.”